Welcome in Sustainocracy, our new real time local for global democracy…..

“A sustainable, wellness driven society is not a cost, it is a joint responsibility and co-creation of people together with institutions” (Jean-Paul Close – Sustainocracy)

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Our next happiness challenge is about multilateralism and peace

April 24th: World Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace. What is Multilateralism: that is when three or more countries decide to strengthen relationships based on certain common values. In our worldview (Sustainocracy) we all share our core natural human values as human beings, world wide. The responsibility for these core values unites all people […]

Co-creating society

“Society is not a cost, it is a co-creation”. This is a statement of engagement, cooperation, commitment.That is what we stand for in Sustainocracy and what we invite to by being the connecting element that represents the core natural human values that define our sustainable progress and wellness as a community. We come from a […]

Awareness is our learning process

Human beings seems essentially drama oriented in order to react for change towards harmony. This has its logic in our self awareness. When our life is going well, why would we want to change anything? What if a change works out badly? The word “change” in an environment of satisfaction and comfort brings a sense […]

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