Partnership driven sustainable wellness society

Institutions may have personnel, Sustainocracy just has partners.

In the dynamics of sustainable human progress we need to be alert all the time and adjust ourselves on a regular basis. There are continuous threats and challenges that can take away our core values. We then need to react, adjust and reassure our core values at individual and collective level. This can only be done when we do not establish a hierarchy and organize ourselves dynamically as equals.

As human beings we are all equal, but we are not the same. We all have our contribution to society in one or another way. Some cluster in specialized institutional structures, other engage by themselves. As partners we have to develop trust and this can only be done through acknowledgement of our presence and added value, respect for what everyone is and equality in our operational presence. We take responsability together.

In a co-creation environment every participant offers a little of its own within the context of a common goal. The sum of all contributions enables to reach the common goal better, faster than alone. The common values are then shared among all.