For many centuries (even millennia) humankind has suffered the dominance of exploitation. The type of “entrepreneurship” deployed could be characterized as “using humankind and our planet for institutionalized self interests”. The institutions could be kingdoms, religions, business enterprises, government structures, whatever. This type of developing humankind has delivered us a lot of general good at the expenses of a lot of suffering of others. The growth of this “system”, together with the exponential growth of our presence as a species on our planet, as a huge damaging effect on our environment and planetary resources. This demands a new entrepreneurial mentality which we defined as:

serving humankind and our planet for our sustainable presence as a species

In order to shape this new entrepreneurial, we defined “the Pyramid Paradigm” or “4 x Profit” model which we apply also in all our activities, stimulating our institutial partners to adopt the method too. It was also published worldwide in our AiREAS experience

Door Jean-Paul Close

Life forms in nature are healthy by definition. Unhealthy ones disappear to make room for a new cycle of healthy life. If human organizations, societies, governance and economies accept unhealthy pollution we destroy ourselves. A new governance appears based on awareness of core human values to sustain our species and living surroundings. It a new democracy called Sustainocracy. Old structures collaps as new, better ones grows. Sustainocracy exists through new age ventures like AiREAS, FRE2SH, COS3I and STIR learning cooperation.

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