Health is much more than the absence of an illness. Physical health is just one of the elements. We also have emotional health, spiritual health, intellectual health, etc. Also our ability to learn, become aware through revelations of life, be adaptive, develop a positive attitude, etc is part of integral health. It is important to take health in general seriously because it determines our quality of life and our persistance as a species. After all, everything in living nature is healthy. If it is not it disappears and is replaced by something that is healthy. If we pollute and even kill or deteriorate our environment we deteriorate ourselves and will disappear. We may end up as an archeological curiosity for species to come.

Illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, parkinson, ocpd, behavioral disorder, etc are attributed to this pollution and environmental manipulation. The illnesses increase our societal costs and need for expensive health care facilities, while decreasing our quality of life, productivity and positive attitude towards a meaningful life.

Health is our first core value, out of five….

Door Jean-Paul Close

Life forms in nature are healthy by definition. Unhealthy ones disappear to make room for a new cycle of healthy life. If human organizations, societies, governance and economies accept unhealthy pollution we destroy ourselves. A new governance appears based on awareness of core human values to sustain our species and living surroundings. It a new democracy called Sustainocracy. Old structures collaps as new, better ones grows. Sustainocracy exists through new age ventures like AiREAS, FRE2SH, COS3I and STIR learning cooperation.

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