The Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs of the United Nations are popular instruments for cities and governments around the world.

The SDG sound challenging and they are. The problems that are listed are however caused by the mindset and way of functioning of the same United Nations. Einstein had a good saying about this:

You cannot solve problems with the same methods that cause them

Sustainocracy provides a new mindset and way of functioning. To join one needs to let go of the old mindset, or at least put the old thinking in the new perspective. This is like crossing a mental evolutionary line. When we do then the SDGs are solved very fast. If we don’t then the SDGs become a mop for a flood that remains flooding with an open tap. The ideological father of Sustainocracy, Jean-Paul Close, explains his own moment of crossing the line.

Door Jean-Paul Close

Life forms in nature are healthy by definition. Unhealthy ones disappear to make room for a new cycle of healthy life. If human organizations, societies, governance and economies accept unhealthy pollution we destroy ourselves. A new governance appears based on awareness of core human values to sustain our species and living surroundings. It a new democracy called Sustainocracy. Old structures collaps as new, better ones grows. Sustainocracy exists through new age ventures like AiREAS, FRE2SH, COS3I and STIR learning cooperation.

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