STIR Foundation

STIR Foundation and Sustainocracy.

STIR (Stichting Transformation, Indexation and Research) was founded just after the 2008 banking crisis, in 2009. It was motivated by the views of the founder, Jean-Paul Close, that our society model based on financial dependence, had become obsolete and even dangerous for the sustainable perspectives of our species. The need to experiment with awareness, mindset development and the initiation of new ways of defining society became the research objectives of this foundation.

The ideological essentials had already been formulated by Close through his personal choices in life and the painfull consequences that he had to live through. As a single father of two daughters he learned to understand the core natural human values and started to look at them also from an evolutionary point of view. In 2005 he had already introduced a publication about “successful entrepreneurship in the 21st century”. The view about “entrepreneur” is “to do something” and in the 21st century “to do something useful”. It was extended to all people and institutions in the world, not just business people. That is how also the Pyramid Paradigm was born and coached for several years. In 2008, when the credit crisis struck the world, also governments became aware that new directions were needed to develop regions.

After one year of experimentally struggling with the ideology of a human, core values centered approach and trying to get people and institutions to create projects together Close realized that it did not work. People were working the ideology without leaving the paradigm. Something was missing. And that was the position of the “sustainocrat” the linking pin for the cocreation of core human values. He decided to become the first Sustainocrat and learn by doing. This participatory learning became the basis of the STIR Academy, later the School of Talents and Wellness. The STIR DNA for sustainable human progress and wellness was ready, tested and developing…….In 2020 the step was taken to go world wide…..

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