AiREAS is a sustainocratic community that deals with air quality, human and environmental health. It was born formally in 2010, one year after the founding of STIR, as very first local (for global) level 4 multidisciplinary cooperative.

Eindhoven: It’s first focus area has been the air quality of the city of Eindhoven. The experience of arriving at AiREAS, the decision making process to get to priorization and our experiences since then have been documented in a worldwide publication.

Human exposure: The second project was to see what the human exposure was to air quality in our daily lives. With a backpack various citizens carried measurement equipment for 5 days.

Human health: The third project was to look at the effects of exposure to air pollution on our health. Heart rate variability and the density as well as flexibility of our arteries were measured and compared to lifestyle.

Education: In collaboration with the School of Talents and Wellness the AiREAS principle was introduced in visiting groups of students. They were asked to see what they could creatively contribute.

Hackathons: AiREAS became a favorite subject for hackathons. In one occasion 10 out of 22 teams choose AiREAS to work out their innovations.

Cross cultural motivation: In the economic reality of our societies people migrate to develop a living elsewhere. Often segregation, discrimination, social distancing occurs due to language problems, looks, cultural activities, beliefs. AiREAS successfully experimented with bridging cultures through the focus on health and shared responsibilities. To avoid judgemental moralizing about air pollution we decided to focus on social inclusion and healthy lifestyle instead. Like that COS3i was born.

Local health and air quality approach: Various municipalities decided to work on health and healthy environment for quality of life. This required insights to make key policy decisions and get citizen’s support. They became AiREAS partners.

Regional measurement network: Local and regional issues interact. The entire region of 21 municipalities decided to join AiREAS for health and environmental quality. Important issues became research topics for transformation to health: City, airport and agriculture (especially the intensive cattle holding industry in the region).