A family at home will easily recognize the five core natural human values established as shared responsibility in Sustainocracy.
We tend to adhere to them in a natural way. It is normal that we expect these values to be respected and enhanced community and society wide.
They represent the way life works, already for billions of years. A family sees its wellness as a responsibility and co-creation, not just as a cost.
Money is a means, but love, care, open dialogue, commitment, etc are so even more. Let us summarize the values:

1. Health
Health is something we tend to take for granted. But it is not. It takes a lot of understanding, awareness and experimentation.
When a child is sick we stay at home to care for him or her. We show love, dedication, understanding, support, etc. This we call civilization.
The same happens when an adult is not fit. We tend to understand more of illnesses than of health itself. Health is our comfort zone. But health represents a continuous positive interaction with our surroundings. In nature everything is always healthy, if not it is recycled into a new health cycle. We, as human beings, need to understand this and take care of our environment to take care of ourselves. We are a living manifestation of our planet Earth. Taking care of people and our planet engages us with abundance, happiness and love. It engages us with ourselves.

2. Safety
Without safety there is no basis for community development. Safety eliminates fear and replaces it with trust, cohesion and purpose. We cannot create our wellness alone, we need each other. Safety is the equivalent for respect, the acceptance of te authenticity, the uniqueness of the other including that of ourselves. We are all equal but not the same. In this diversity we find progress since everyone can give a little of oneself (care, creativity, entrepreneurship, compassion, empathy) and if everyone does we engage with abundance, just like nature does all the time.

3. Co-creation
Understanding and taking personal responsibility in close cohesion with others and our surroundings, makes us aware, proactive, creative and productive. Abundance is at our fingertips all the time. We don’t need to buy our wellness if we can create it through the warmth of our community.

4. Awareness
Awareness is our learning process, especially about sustaining our core values. Humankind may have reached it physical limits in its numeric presence on our planet Earth, we are just at the beginning of a new era of learning of deep awareness and wellness. In this we will find our new growth.

5. Basic needs
Our basic needs are 4 elements: food, water, air, warmth (energy). We tend to institutionalize these elements with the risk of speculation and shortages due to abuse of our planetary resources. Taking responsibility ourselves, within our community, makes us respectfull, compasionate with our environment and symbiotic in our way of dealing with our resources. These basic needs provide us with health and safety so we need to take good care.

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