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Sustainocracy explained in a few slides

Sustainocracy represents a societal context in which we all (people and institutions) share the responsibility to recover and saveguard our core natural human values.We defined 5 of those core values.

Spreading the common good through our worldwide learning community

“You only learn to swim when in in deep water”. This is also the case when looking at developing the core human values (common good cocreation) of Sustainocracy through our participatory learning efforts in the worldwide School of Talent and Wellness community. Below a message that we received from our educational co√∂rdinator Yunus Ersoy in…


Our next happiness challenge is about multilateralism and peace

April 24th: World Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace. What is Multilateralism: that is when three or more countries decide to strengthen relationships based on certain common values. In our worldview (Sustainocracy) we all share our core natural human values as human beings, world wide. The responsibility for these core values unites all people…

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