We started with Sustainocracy in the Netherlands in 2009 after years of preparation and learning. Our partners today involve all levels of governments, many innovative business entities, universities, schools and many citizens, all UNITED in prioritized clusters of core human values driven ventures. For example AiREAS or the School of Talents and Wellness

Since 2020 we also try to establish relationships worldwide. Many people came to see us already in Eindhoven and took inspiration back home with them. Now we also identify sustainocratic partners around the world and create a bridge to share inspiration, best practices, consulting, coaching, training, joined projects, etc. Our first global cocreation project was the World Happiness Bird. These were the participating countries …..

We decided to continue with the World Happiness Bird programme. With some of these partners we also try to establish more complex clusters to develop their core human values locally. Contact us if you feel interested or sense a call to join…..