Awareness is our learning process

Human beings seems essentially drama oriented in order to react for change towards harmony. This has its logic in our self awareness. When our life is going well, why would we want to change anything? What if a change works out badly? The word “change” in an environment of satisfaction and comfort brings a sense of insecurity and fear. Only when things go wrong, when we suffer a crisis, loss of a loved person, or a job, feel pain, have an accident or the stress of shortages, we react and open up to change. Then it brings us hope, desire, expectations, action, motivation, etc. It is very difficult for us to get into a proactive state of mind, one where we don’t have to react to pain but anticipate and innovate when it is needed, not when it is forced upon us.

At individual level our founder, Jean-Paul Close, identified a turning point in his personal life. He started studying such turning points and asked many people around him that had joined the processes within the STIR communities and clusters. Most people had experienced such turning point, one where one was living at first a relatively comfortable life without questioning anything. A life of acceptance of what one had learned, was educated for and what seemed “politically correct” in society. Then the turning point came. It was disguised in a deep choice, a moment of deep struggle within oneself. It was a moment when one’s own reality revealed itself and stunned the person. After that critical moment, the “I am” experience, the life of the individual changed for ever. All decision were made now in a proactive manner, integrated in a holistic, selfless life’s mission.

Voice are there that entire humankind is about to experience such turning point, collectively. In our view this would be the second time in the entire human history that we get such a massive revelation that changes our mindset, behavior and society for ever. The first one was our dominance over fire. It made us believe we were superior to our surroundings, gifted with a unique ability attribute to Gods in our simple minds back than. We could create warmth, process food, hold enemies away from us, make tools, etc. A changed our presence on Earth, our mentality, our relationship with our surroundings intensely, without historical precedence.

This time there is a second revelation, also one of fire. It reflects our inner fire, the one of awareness, of meaning, mindfullness, compassion, empathy, understanding, humility, trust. We break through into the understanding of our biological reality, our membership of another ecosystem than just the financial one. This collective “I am, we are” experience once again changes everything. And it will be good, proactive, adaptive, innovative, progressive, together, warm and happy.