Talents and Wellness

The word “school” is confusing. In our meaning it refers to “flock” or “group” rather than a building. Our methods are through values driven participation. Together we define projects within the scope of our core natural values, de SDG’s or whatever values driven priorities people can think of. Everything emerges as co-creation. A small list of what we have done…..

  • We created monthly awareness evening sessions as “the STIR Academy”
  • We write exchange programmes within Erasmus+
  • We have in school awareness programmes
    • Special “The voyage of the hero”
    • Special “Let me go”
  • We create dedicated projects together with schools and their students
  • We have programs for adults who wish to reorient their lives
  • We coach, advise and train through masterclasses
  • We have values driven online learning programs
  • We have roleplays and constellation plays
  • We participate in Hackathons
  • We have our own UNITED approach for institutions
  • We have our 4 x Profit consultancy
  • ………and more that is cocreated with all our professional and non professional partners………